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Brusen Family Reunion
Chetek, WI

Photo of Brusens, Chetek, WI -- 1960

1.   Ester May Brusen (wife of Harold)
2.   Harold Wilhelm Brusen (husband of Ester)
3.   James Harold Brusen (son of Ester and Harold)
4.   John Brusen (son of Vera and Raymond)
5.   Vera Brusen (wife of Raymond)
6.   Raymond (husband of Vera)
7.   Myrtle Brusen (wife of Leonard)
8.   Chuck Brusen (son of Myrtle and Leonard)
9.   Lloyd Brusen (son of Myrtle and Leonard)
10.   Anna Brusen (mother of Harold, Leonard and Raymond)
11.   Leonard Brusen (husband of Myrtle)
12.   Donald Ray Brusen(son of Ester and Harold)
13.   Karl Brusen (son of Vera and Raymond)
14.   Christa Brusen (daughter of Vera and Raymond)
15.   Peter Brusen (son of Vera and Raymond)

Not shown is Sophus Brusen, husband of Anna, and father of Raymond, Leonard and Harold.  Sophus died many years before this photograph was taken.  Also not shown are two daughters of Myrtle and Leonard.  We're not sure of the names, but we think one might be Gayle. 

Note: If you have any additional information about family member shown or not shown in this photograph, or if you have a correction, please email Karl at firstname@lastname.com, substituting "karl" for "firstname" and "brusen" for "lastname".